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About Us

The 360 Feedback Specialists

Established in 2002 we are based in the UK and are a leading provider of 360o Feedback Surveys.

We are a Human Resources Consultancy and web based HR software development company. We focus on the things that matter for our clients; we’re innovative and proactive in our approach; responsive and cost-effective in meeting their needs; and for us customer service really does come first.

We specialise in delivering 360 Degree Feedback Surveys. Our product is easy to use, rich in functionality and cost effective to deploy.

If you need to implement a 360 Degree Feedback Survey then talk to us first as we can help you to implement a cost effective solution, quickly, comprehensively and that is extremely easy to use.

John White


HR Specialist - Responsible for working with clients to help them implement their requirements. Provides all training and feedback.

Steve Knight


IT - Specialist - Responsible for all the IT products and platforms.

This is what we believe in:

Benefits To You

We focus on delivering our product features so that they benefit you and your organisation. Nationally and internationally you will get better service from IntegrateHR.

Client Focused

We focus on the things that matter for our clients - we’re innovative and proactive in our approach; responsive and cost-effective in meeting their needs; and for us customer service really does come first.


We have organisational values that drive us to practice what we preach and we achieve success for our clients.


We guarantee that partnering with us will enhance the effectiveness of your human resource initiatives whilst reducing costs.


Learn below about Integrate360 our 360o Feedback Survey Application and some of its key features and benefits that it can bring to your organisation.

360 Feedback Software as a Service

Our 360 degree feedback survey application is ideal for organisations of any size who prefer to lease access to a web based 360 feedback survey solution and either manage their own surveys or let us mange them throughout the whole process.

Our 360 ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) hosted in the cloud solution enables organisations instant access to the system without any intervention from their IT team or the requirement to install any software. Our online 360 feedback survey solution is customisable to meet your specific requirements or you can use as is.


We provide telephone or on-site Administrator training and provide support over the phone or via email and continuous 360 feedback software support and automatic technical updates.


We will guide you in developing your surveys utilising your own existing competency framework or developing one that meets your exact requirements.

Below are the features of Integrate360:


You can define your own surveys, response options, define intro text, respondent types, email text and much more ...


Send customisable email, invites and reminders


Easy respondent management.

User Support

Via phone and email.


Manage the dates for the surveys including start and completion dates.

Feedback Sessions

After the 360 has been completed we can provide either group or individual feedback sessions to anlyse the results.

24/7 Access from Anywhere

24/7 access from anywhere on any device, we are hosted in the cloud.

Custom Reports

Choose form our stock report and customise the sections included or we can write a custom report for your organisation.

Survey Status

For individuals and survey administrators see how many participants have completed, not started etc.

Respondent Types

Participants can choose their own respondent types

Fully Administered

We provide a fully administered service where we take care of the whole process.

And much more!

Arrange for a no obligation demo survey and see for yourself


See what’s included in Integrate360

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Login Page

Instruction Page

Instruction Page

Survey / Question Page

Survey / Question Page

Survey Selector

Survey Selector

User Admin

User Admin

Sample Report Page 1

Sample Report Page 1

Sample Report Page 2

Sample Report Page 2

To find out more and to book a free no obligation online demo complete the contact form below.


Read about what some of our clients have said about us:

“Integrate360 was chosen by Egg as a feedback tool for its people development programmes. The tool was selected based on its functionality and cost effectiveness, alongside the technical expertise of the people at IntegrateHR. Egg has been delighted with the implementation process and the ease of use and reporting capabilities of Integrate360. In addition Egg found IntegrateHR highly responsive and flexible in meeting its requirements.”

- Tony Atherton
People Programme Manager
360° for Development

“We now use the on-line 360, designed for us by IntegrateHR, as part of our experienced manager programme. It provides them with an additional source of feedback which is invaluable as part of their ongoing development.”

- Janet George
Lead Consultant - Management Consulting
Bayer UK PLC
360° for Development

“Integrate360 proved to be an outstanding assessment and feedback tool which helped Europ Assistance start implementing and driving core-valued behaviours throughout the leadership of the organisation as part of a strategic HR initiative. As well as the online system, IntegrateHR also provided us with communications, consultancy and feedback sessions that enhanced the whole process. We shall be repeating the process with them in due course and hope to roll-out to a wider audience also.”

- Dave Crapnell
General Manager
Europ Assistance UK & Ireland.
360 — Driving Organisational Values

Below is a list of some of the companies that have utilised our solutions over the years:

What is 360o Feedback?

What are 360 Degree Feedback Surveys?

360 Degree Feedback Surveys are a Human Resources tool used by organisations to evaluate an employee’s job-related performance and development needs. Feedback is gathered from an employee’s co-workers, managers, direct reports, internal customers and others using a questionnaire covering areas such as skills, abilities and job performance. The data gathered is then compiled into a report showing the employee’s strengths and development needs according to the people he/she works closest with. 360 Degree Feedback Surveys can be used at all levels, from Executive to Team Member; and with all functions; and be administered for either individuals or groups of any size. They can be successfully used as a stand-alone employee intervention or as an integral part of another human resource system such as performance management.

Why perform 360 Degree Feedback Surveys?

Because feedback is gathered from multiple sources, employees find the results more compelling than a traditional evaluation from a single manager’s perspective; and as the questionnaires are confidential, more honest and open feedback is generated. As a result the employee benefits from better self-awareness of their own strengths and development needs. The organisation benefits from improved performance, clear focus as to individual and group development needs and a more cost effective use of development resources.

Case Study

An insurance company wanted to implement a 360 degree Survey for its 60 managers and supervisors; an initiative aimed at giving each a personal development plan linked to the organisation’s newly-developed core values. IntegrateHR designed the 360 degree questionnaire and ran launch sessions for the project. The participants and their respondents then used Integrate360 to complete questionnaires. IntegrateHR reported summary data back to the company and ran group feedback sessions where each participant was presented with their individual report and tools to commence their personal development planning.

Other Services

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Employee Surveys

Employee satisfaction is a key contributor to efficiency, productivity and most importantly customer satisfaction within your organisation. Measuring the state of the employment relationship, such as whether people are satisfied at work, how committed they are to you as their employer and whether they feel secure in their jobs can give you a clear understanding and appreciation of your employees’ current mindset. An Employee Survey (often called a Climate Survey) can give you essential information about your employees’ ‘buy-in’ to your organisation’s culture, mission, strategies and leadership; and is of vital importance in ensuring that your organisation can maximise its most important asset - your people.

IntegrateOS is our proprietary web based organisational questionnaire tool. Providing secure and confidential multi-language access 24/7 from any internet-connected computer it has become a market leader for its functionality, versatility, reporting capabilities and ease of use. The system is highly customisable: use the standard system employee survey or your existing one; define your own questions (including up to 8 types) and rating scales; choose passwordprotected or anonymous completion to enhance your employees’ perception of confidentiality; and choose your own levels of demographics to enhance data analysis. Comprehensive reporting capabilities with results available in real-time allow you to have data reported in the way you need. And we automatically include telephone and e-mail helpline support for your participants.

IntegrateOS is our proprietary web based organisational questionnaire tool. Providing secure and confidential multi-language access 24/7 from any internet-connected computer it has become a market leader for its functionality, versatility, reporting capabilities and ease of use. The system is highly customisable: use the standard system employee survey or your existing one; define your own questions (including up to 8 types) and rating scales; choose passwordprotected or anonymous completion to enhance your employees’ perception of confidentiality; and choose your own levels of demographics to enhance data analysis. Comprehensive reporting capabilities with results available in real-time allow you to have data reported in the way you need. And we automatically include telephone and e-mail helpline support for your participants.

Our Consultants have conducted Employee Surveys in a wide range of organisations and are skilled in advising on survey design and implementation as well as being experienced in administering surveys, including communication and launch, data analysis, survey feedback and outcome-based action planning. We can help you deliver your Employee Surveys either through the web or on paper as a bureau service, and we can fully conduct these from set-up to reporting, saving you considerable time and resources.

A global retailer wanted to run an employee survey for its 1,850 employees in stores and offices across the world, not all of which were IT enabled. After designing the survey IntegrateHR arranged translations and distribution of both the IntegrateOS system and paper questionnaires into 10 languages. Whilst online questionnaires were completed local HR staff ran sessions for completion of paper surveys, which were sealed and returned to us for data processing. With a 96% completion rate more than 2,000 demographic graphs and reports were produced and analysed for the client.

Culture & Values

Culture is the ‘personality’ of the organisation and can be defined as the core beliefs, traditions, shared feelings and values. Culture is a key to achieving organisational excellence in that it not only shapes managers’ and employees’ behaviour, but also determines the manner in which people interpret and respond to any given organisational situation. Values are important building blocks of culture and are deep-seated and enduring. They motivate behaviour and emotional responses. They underpin the very way people approach their work, make choices and decisions, and deal with each other. The leadership of an organisation is responsible for the creation and management of its culture and should aim to achieve alignment between managers’ and employees’ individual values and the organisational values.

Setting an organisational culture allows managers’ and employees to:

  • Learn more about each other as persons and enable closer and more successful working partnerships;
  • Understand and respect diversity and individual differences;
  • Hire new staff who ‘fit’ into the organisation;
  • Create and function better in teams; and
  • Align their actions towards organisational goals with motivation and commitment.

Understanding and assessing your organisation's culture can mean the difference between success and failure in today's fast changing business environment. IntegrateHR’s objective cultural assessment tools can provide measurable data about real organisational values and norms. We can help you understand what really matters in the organisation and can help dispel illusions. After measurement and evaluation we can help the organisation move forward in aligning strategies, plans and actions towards organisational goals; communicating its culture and values to managers and employees; reinforcement through behavioural competencies; and performance management.

Our Consultants have helped a wide range of organisations to implement organisational culture and values initiatives. They are highly skilled in advising an organisation as to how to analyse and shape their core beliefs, traditions, shared feelings and values. Our experience enables us to see an organisation’s culture and style, both the tangible and intangible elements, more clearly from the outside than members of the organisation can from inside. Our analysis can help save valuable time and effort during organisational culture and values initiatives.

A leading cable television provider had completed its acquisition of a competitor and needed to instil a common organisational culture and values across the new company. Our consultants worked with the client (executive discussions, staff questionnaires, focus groups and individual interviews) to analyse both existing cultures and the company’s vision for its future. We the agreed a new vision statement for the organisation and its accompanying values. With the development of a new competency framework we then embedded the new culture through communication, goal alignment, training and performance management.


Competencies are descriptions of the behaviours, preferences, attitudes and knowledge that are required for successful job performance. They can be job specific or may apply to a group of jobs (functional or hierarchical) or to all jobs within an organisation. Competencies are normally described in terms that can be measured. By integrating human resource systems around common competencies considerable synergies and benefits to the organisation are obtained. Whist the use of competencies is not new, what is happening is their increasing application across all human resource functions to drive management, employee and corporate performance and to produce results that are relevant to the organisation's business strategies and vision.

Implementing competencies provides a means to translate your organisational vision, culture and goals into expected employee behaviour and communicate this. Using competencies enables more effective and legally defensible recruitment, selection and assessment methods which can reduce hiring costs and employee turnover. By setting more effective criteria for evaluating performance and identifying the gap between present skill sets and future requirements, competencies target employee development in areas that realise the most return on investment.

Careful planning and implementation is required to ensure that competency-based human resource systems meet important business needs. IntegrateHR can help you research, design and implement your organisation’s competency-based approach. Using existing competencies (either from our library or your own) we can conduct job analyses to derive your competency profiles. We can design and implement evaluation methods so that your organisation can commence measuring current and potential employees against competencies. We can also train your managers and employees to ensure that their use of competencies is highly effective. We can even train your HR staff in how to conduct job analyses and implement competencies.

Our Consultants have conducted job analyses for many hundreds of roles in a wide range of organisations at all levels and are highly skilled in advising on competency implementation. As well as job analyses for individual roles, they have also frequently researched, designed and implemented core competencies (organisational, functional or hierarchical). Competency applications have included all the normal HR functions such as selection, training and development, performance management and succession planning.

A global consumer products group wanted to set in place a succession planning mechanism for its 200 top managers worldwide by using a competency-based approach. Our Consultants worked with the organisation to understand its future vision and direction and created a project plan and timeframes. We then conducted job analyses amongst the management population at several locations worldwide. Devising the core 24 competencies that affected the group, from these we wrote a competency profile for each management function and level. The organisation now uses the profiles in performance management and development planning for all its top managers.

Other Services (Continued)

Customer Service

In the modern era building customer satisfaction and loyalty is a vital element in driving sustainable and profitable business - but do we really know why? And what should organisations really be doing to achieve these goals? "Good customer service costs less than bad customer service". Recognising this has led many organisations over the past few years to become more focused in terms of customer service and retention; and many are increasingly setting themselves strategies to measure and ensure these. However many put customer-driven processes in place but forget that the key to building customer loyalty and retention is how customers are treated during and after interactions. It is key that an organisation ensures its staff become more customer focused and service oriented.

There is a strong relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention. A good method to establish whether our customers are satisfied with us is to ask them. Too many of us though have underestimated the power of customer feedback and the true reasons why customers defect - the overwhelming issue for customer defection is not price, product or problems, it is how they feel treated. Asking your customers for feedback helps to understand this and starts to build customer loyalty.

Your organisation should have an avowed and 'lived' corporate value of 'customer focus' and a definable and measurable customer retention strategy. IntegrateHR Consultants have the skills and experience to help with this. Gaining customer feedback is vital. IntegrateOS is IntegrateHR's proprietary web-based organisational questionnaire tool. Thus we are fully equipped to help you with asking for, and gathering, customer feedback on an ongoing basis. Your organisation should expect and reinforce its leaders and employees to live their corporate value of 'customer focus'. Our proprietary customisable Customer Service Skills workshop will help build their understanding, motivation and skills in this key area. IntegrateHR can provide the ongoing consulting, experience and support that all of the above need to fully embed them in the organisation.

IntegrateHR's staff and associates have many years of experience in the UK and around the world in helping organisations enable and improve their customer relationships and their staff enhance their customer service skills. We are passionate about good customer service and the benefits this brings to organisations, their staff and, of course, their customers. We recognise that organisations and individuals need continuing support to help improve the way they deliver customer service. We also know that it is a neverending journey because customers themselves have ever-changing needs and expectations.

Following poor customer feedback ratings a global computer manufacturer and retailer wanted to improve the customer service skills of its call centre staff in the UK. Using its Customer Service Skills workshop IntegrateHR trained the client's call centre staff and supervisors. All worked on an action plan to continue to build skills in the workplace and supervisors were also given coaching skills to help staff with this task. Whilst the workshop content and experience gained high rating from the attendees, further customer surveys revealed considerably improved customer satisfaction.


A well designed Assessment Centre is the most effective tool available for assessing individuals in both individual and group based environments for selection or development.Assessment and Development Centres provide a broad and comprehensive view of participants’ attributes and help ensure that organisations have the right people with the correct behaviour, skills, abilities and personality to fulfil their ongoing requirements.The use of assessment techniques enables an organisation to search for the particular skills and values that it needs. Research has shown that assessment centres based around competency-focused exercises are the most accurate predictor of future performance; these predictions then can be used successfully in recruiting and selection, career and succession planning, and development activities.

A well-designed and well-run Assessment or Development Centre brings greater objectivity to a company’s selection and development processes and helps ensure fairness of approach and method for all participants. Assessment Centres project a professional image of an employer, particularly important when organisations are competing to attract and retain scarce talent. An organisation that trains its managers to be assessors increases their skills in many other tasks, such as conducting performance appraisals, coaching and feedback.

IntegrateHR provides a comprehensive range of assessment centre design and delivery services, from competency matrix design through exercise design and the provision of psychometric testing to assessor training. We can also provide an experienced assessor team if an organisation does not have the resources itself. We can design and manage the whole process from scratch using either our own established exercises and procedures or through designing entirely new and highly organisationally relevant systems and activities. From the most basic exercises for team members to highly complex and perhaps strategically focused exercises for senior managers and directors, IntegrateHR applies psychometric rigour to every assessment centre we provide to ensure it is highly accurate, job relevant and predictive.

Our Consultants have designed and implemented Assessment Centres for both selection and development purposes in a wide range of organisations at all levels. They are highly skilled in undertaking and advising on assessment centre research, design, administration, implementation, assessor training and feedback. With a range of activity based exercises (such as in-trays; individual and group simulations; customer, staff and sales challenges) and psychometric tools we have the experience to help conduct your centres from design to reporting, saving you considerable time, effort and cost.

A leading pharmaceutical organisation wanted to implement a new assessment centre to examine its senior sales staff for management potential and provide them with individual feedback and career development plans. Having worked on the competency framework IntegrateHR designed a 2-day assessment centre with all its relevant exercises, feedback processes and communications; as well as training managers and directors from the client as assessors. To date over 100 people have taken part in the programme which the organisation continues to rate as an essential business tool.

Performance Management

A good performance management process helps organisations deliver lasting improvement by ensuring employees, teams and managers know what they should be doing, how they should be doing it and that they take responsibility for what they achieve. An effective performance management system enables senior management to communicate across the organisation and ensure that managers and employees fully understand key corporate objectives. This puts employees on the track to increased productivity and enables the organisation to align, develop, motivate and maintain a high performance workforce by placing an emphasis on managing, supporting and developing staff at all levels within the organisation. An integral part of this is the need to monitor performance, reward managers and employees that perform well, and to challenge and develop those who do not.

Having an effective performance management system produces multiple benefits. Firstly, it means everyone knows where the organisation is going, as there is clear focus on key objectives and priorities. Secondly, it makes life more satisfying for employees because they know exactly what is expected of them. Thirdly, because the emphasis is on meeting set criteria and targets, it is easier to monitor performance and to take action to intervene and improve where necessary. Finally it helps organisations to meet their legal responsibilities in employment.

IntegrateHR provides a comprehensive range of products and services to ensure the success of your performance management process, from web-enabled online performance management tools to manager and employee skills training. Performance management needs to operate at organisational, team and individual levels if it is to be effective. Our consultants can work with your organisation to establish and develop clear, consistent systems and procedures as well as a culture in which individuals and groups will understand how to take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and of their own skills and contributions. From strategy to measurement we can help you implement the two keystones of a performance management process: Objectives - the ‘what’ of performance and Competencies - the ‘how’ of performance.

Our consultants have implemented performance management systems in a wide range of organisations and are highly skilled in undertaking and advising on design, administration, implementation, integration and manager and employee user-training and feedback. With a range of web-enabled online performance management tools and functionality, such as setting objectives, feedback gathering and conducting and recording appraisals, we have the experience to help implement your performance management system from design to reporting, saving you, your managers and your employees considerable time, money and effort.

A leading insurance company wanted to drive its 5 year strategic business plan through implementing a performance management process. IntegrateHR firstly translated the strategy into key objectives and competencies that would cascade throughout the organisation. We trained senior and line managers in the performance management process and skills (such as setting objectives, conducting appraisals, feedback and development planning) and implemented web-based tools to aid the process. Within 3 months all managers and employees had annual objectives and personal development plans linked to the business strategy.

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